What is a Company Registration Number?

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The number for registration of the company is an unique string of eight characters assigned to a business when it is incorporated. Its goal is to identify the firm and confirm that it is registered with Companies House as a legal entity (i.e. legally recognized as a person and a legal entity in its own right). The number for registration of a company is also known as a ‘company ‘ number as well as the “Companies House registration number” or a registered number or simply a ‘CRN’. It is generated automatically and assigned through Companies House, so you can’t choose it or alter it.

Who requires a registration number?

Only companies and organizations that are incorporated or registered with Companies House are provided with an identification number for their company. This covers companies limited by shares, companies that are limited by guarantee and publicly-owned companies (PLCs) and restricted liability partnerships (LLPs) as well as the limited partnership (LPs).

Do sole traders and partnerships require the company registration number?

Sole traders and regular (general) businesses are not required to have an identification number for companies, since they do not have to sign up or incorporate with Companies House. In contrast to companies and partnerships, these business structures don’t have the legal standing of a legal entity, and have distinct identities from their owners and their particulars are not public records. Instead sole traders and normal partnerships are registered in the hands of HMRC as taxpayers via Self Assessment.

Where can I find my company’s identification number (CRN)?

You can locate your CRN at a variety of locations such as:

  • Certificate of incorporation is issued through Companies House to companies upon incorporation.
  • Emails, letters and other legal documents obtained from Companies House
  • Online, inside your company’s profile in the official database of company information by Companies House Service
  • Most correspondence regarding your company is sent by your accountant or your company’s the company’s formation agent (if appropriate)
  • Through 1st Formations Free Online Company Manager – you are able to sign up for a free account with us even if you’re not yet a customer
  • A Change of Name Certificate in the event that you changed the name of your business after incorporation

To locate your company’s registration number, go to Companies House Service, enter the complete company name in the search field and then click on”search or contact the personal tax accountant. The company’s profile will be displayed in the search results, with your registration number listed below. If you’d like to see the entire company’s record simply click on the business name.


How do you get an e-Company Registration Number?

A registration number for a company is assigned to your company through Companies House when the company is established. You are not able to choose a specific number you want to use for your business and you can’t change it after it is assigned. If your business does change its name, its primary activities or shareholders or directors the company registration number will remain the identical one it was given when the company was created.

What is the format of a company registration number?

Companies registered within England and Wales are issued an 8-character long registration number that begins with a zero. However, the zero may be removed in certain places, for example, the case of a Limited Liability Partnership which begins with OC followed by six numbers. The format is different from the format in Scotland and your registration numbers of limited corporations begins by using SC followed by 6 numbers and for LLPs it starts with SO, followed by six numbers.

Can I obtain an updated registration number if I change my company’s name?

There is no change in your CRN when you change your company’s name. The CRN remains the same for the duration of the business. You’ll receive the ‘certificate of incorporation for change of name to Companies House. The document will include the previous and the new company names, along with the registration number and time of the name change. This certificate is not a replacement for the first certificate of incorporation. Therefore, you need to keep both of them in your company’s documents.

What is the best time to get a company registration Number required?

There are many scenarios where you’ll require or be asked to provide the number of your company’s registration like:

  • If you call Companies House.
  • The annual confirmation statement must be submitted.
  • Changes to the company’s information.
  • Annual accounts to be filed.
  • Registration of your business as an employer in order to set up Payroll.
  • The process of sending PAYE statements to HMRC.
  • The application process for a bank account.
  • The application for an installment loan or lease in your company’s name.
  • Registration with HMRC to collect Corporation Tax and VAT.
  • Changes in the details of a company director or secretary for the company.
  • Communications with shareholders, such as issuing shares certificates.
  • The allocation of shares or other modifications to the capital of the company.
  • The company is dissolving.

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