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What Is an OST Mailbox And How To Access It?

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Basically, OST stands for an Offline storage table and it contains several types of OST data such as email messages, contacts, calendars and all other mailbox data and allows you to access mailboxes offline when you are not connected to the internet. The Outlook OST file is also known as storing data offline.

It creates a duplicate copy of your mailbox data in the local drive. When you connect your IMAP account or Exchange profile with Outlook then it is created automatically on your local drive. If you want to access an OST file in Outlook then you need to convert the OST file into PST format using the OST to PST Converter.

Reason To Access OST Mailbox In Outlook

  1. When the Exchange server is in maintenance mode.
  2. If the Exchange server gets crashed.
  3. Due to storage failure OST files get corrupted.

How To Open OST Mailbox In Outlook Via Manual Technique?

If you are the owner of the Exchange profile, you can access your Outlook account. Then, you can continue with Outlook export features to end these issues.

  • Open Outlook then go to the file function.
  • After that, press open and export then next click on import/export feature in the list.
  • Import/Export tool will appear on your desktop, browse Export to a file in the list.
  • Click on the Outlook data file in the drop down list then press the next button.
  • Thereafter, click on the mailbox folder as you want to access.
  • At last, set destination for output then press finish to take exit from this process.

Disadvantages Of Using Manual Technique

  1. This manual technique required lots of free time and effort.
  2. Data can be exported but some portion of the data may be lost.
  3. This approach is not capable of converting orphan, corrupted, or any size of OST file.
  4. To handle this manual technique users must have depth of technical knowledge about specific platforms.
  5. Exchange profile and Outlook installation is necessary to perform this process.

How To Access OST Mailbox In Outlook Via Professional Technique?

As you can see, there are lots of challenges that are necessary to face in the manual technique. If you want to overcome all the challenges then we recommend you to opt Corbett OST Converter is an excellent choice to convert any size of OST files without facing any error. This software is specially programmed with powerful coding to get accurate output without facing any type of data leakage.

  • Install and open OST Converter on your windows pc then launch it.
  • After that, browse OST files and open into the software interface.
  • Click on the PST option in the list of export options.
  • At last, set output destination for result then press save to get output at your selected destination immediately.

Highlighted Features Of Using Professional Software

  1. It preserved the mailbox data structure the same as the original. Also, PST File Converter provides advanced security to keep original data unchanged.
  2. This application allows you to recover and convert dismounted, corrupted, orphan, password protected OST files.
  3. You can also import OST to Outlook.
  4. It is very simple to perform without having advanced technical knowledge.
  5. This software also offers a filter function to convert data as per specific time period, subject, sender or recipients etc.
  6. This application also useful when OST has Reached The Maximum Size Limit.
  7. There is no need to download other tools to finish this operation.

The Verge

I hope you find this post useful in understanding what an OST file is and how to access it. These files are extremely important to access email, calendars, contacts and all other mailbox data without any server connectivity. But sometimes, OST errors or work get disturbed. And manual approaches are not always an effective solution. To resolve these issues, users can convert OST files into PST format using professional software as we have discussed in the last section.

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