What’s new in PPC: August 2023 industry updates

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Delhi, India – Mega Web Design, a leading PPC services provider in India serving clients worldwide, shares the latest Pay-Per-Click (PPC) updates every business needs to know. This monthly roundup covers all the significant PPC developments throughout August 2023 that will impact campaigns on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and more.

Performance Max Now Available Globally

After a year of beta testing, Google has rolled out its new Performance Max campaigns globally this month. This powerful automated campaign type uses AI to optimize ads across multiple channels to maximize conversions, including search, display, YouTube, Gmail, and more. With flexible bidding and advanced machine learning, Performance Max aims to simplify PPC campaigns. Businesses looking to expand reach and lower acquisition costs should test it.

New Responsive Search Ad Format

Responsive search ads have become the default ad format on Google. This month, new updates aim to generate more relevant ad combinations using AI. Headline testing order will also be optimized dynamically based on Performance. Check that your campaigns are set up for responsive search ads to take advantage of these updates.

Microsoft Advertising Offline Conversion Tracking

Microsoft Ads now allows tracking offline conversions like phone calls, email signups, in-store visits, and more through their Offline Conversion Tracking tool. This provides a complete view of ROI from Microsoft Ads by attributing offline and online conversions to your campaigns. Implementing this can help refine keyword and ad targeting.

Google Ads Updates Policies on Misleading Claims

Google introduced a new policy prohibiting ads making scientifically unsupported claims about medical treatments and cures. This includes allegations contradicting scientific consensus around vaccines. All advertisers are advised to thoroughly review Google’s updated healthcare and medicines policies before creating ads to ensure compliance. Violations could lead to account suspensions.

Bing Rolls Out New Automated Bidding Strategies

Bing Ads added two new automated bidding strategies, Target Impression Share and Maximize Clicks, this month. Like Google, Bing focuses on AI-powered optimization to simplify PPC management. Leverage these new bidding options to effortlessly maximize your ad visibility or traffic volume from Bing Ads.

The Latest in Split Testing

This month, Google Ads enhanced split testing capabilities for headlines, descriptions, and final URLs. You can now compare multiple versions of ad elements and quickly see the top combinations. Google also launched over 15,000 new ad templates for expanded split testing. Refine your full ads faster using the updated split testing experience.

Shopping Campaign Experiments in Google Ads

Google has introduced a new Experiments capability directly in Shopping campaigns. You can now quickly A/B test elements like bids, targeting, creatives, and more to find the optimal Shopping configuration. Experiments make trying out shopping optimizations at scale easy to boost conversions.

Responsive Display Ads Now Available to All

Responsive display ads that adapt to fit different ad spaces are finally available for all Google Ads accounts. They aim to enhance Performance through machine learning. Existing display campaigns can be easily upgraded to responsive ads. Consider testing this new highly customizable display format to engage more users.

Google Ads Adds Support for Short Videos

This month, Google Ads increased the supported length for video ads to 6 seconds, making short video ads eligible to run across all networks. Creative assets up to 15 seconds can also be uploaded. Advertisers have more options to test the impact of bite-sized videos in search and display campaigns.

Review the Latest Recommendations in Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Advertising added two vital recommendations related to bid strategies and expanded text ads this month. Acting on these recommendations can help unlock additional Performance in your Bing and Yahoo campaigns. Stay on top of new suggestions within your account to maximize value.

“We’re committed to keeping our clients fully updated on all major PPC developments so they can take advantage of new features, formats, and optimizations in their campaigns,” said Mega Web Design CEO Saddam Irshad. “Small adjustments based on the latest updates can yield big performance improvements. Monitor our monthly industry roundups or contact us to discuss how you can capitalize on emerging PPC trends.”

With significant platforms like Google, Microsoft Advertising, and Meta constantly optimizing their algorithms, networks, and capabilities, PPC advertisers must stay updated. Mega Web Design’s team of certified PPC experts keeps clients informed to help them achieve PPC success. Their passion for paid search drives exceptional performance improvements for clients across industries.

Contact Mega Web Design at www.megawebdesign.in to learn more about leveraging the newest PPC advancements to grow your business.

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