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Why and how to sell your furniture before moving?

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Moving is often a big step in our lives: change of situation, new job, change of city… And to prepare as best as possible, there are many professionals in the sector. However, before tackling the move and decluttering your home, emptying your home and selling your belongings before packing your boxes turns out to be a very good option.

Empty your mind before moving

When we think about moving, we often think directly of sorting and getting rid of things that we don’t want to keep in our future homes. But before carrying out this sorting and for it to be optimal, you will have to organize yourself well. Also, you can sell it to Used Furniture Dubai.

Why empty your home before moving?

First of all, emptying your home before moving will allow you to see more clearly everything you own and determine what you want to get rid of. There are many advantages to clearing out before starting your move:

  • Reduction in moving costs: fewer boxes to pack and fewer return trips or rental of a less bulky utility vehicle.
  • Do without a clearance company if the apartment must be empty after the move.
  • Earn money to refurnish your new interior or reimburse the move.

In addition to all these reasons, this will also allow you to give a second life to objects that are no longer useful to you, in a responsible consumption approach.

How to clear the air before moving?

Once you are convinced, you will need to ask yourself the right questions to determine the assets you want to part with. It could not be easier:

  • Sort by room in the house so as not to get your brushes tangled and to be able to work for a few days without living in boxes.
  • Make 3 categories: I keep it, I don’t know, I’m getting rid of it.
  • Take the last two categories and ask yourself: Do I use this object? Does it bring me happiness? If not, put it in the “I’m getting rid of it” category.

Once the objects you want to part with are identified, you will need to check their condition and their value to ask yourself how to give them an empty second. Several options exist for this scenario:

  • Getting rid of items: if it is bulky items in very poor condition or which no longer work the best solution will be to take them to the recycling center or call on the bulky items in your municipality.
  • Donate items: another option, if the objects are defective but still work, you can contact associations for them
  • Sell ​​your items: The last option is if you wish to part with objects that no longer suit you but which are still in good condition, you can sell them and give them a new life. For more information, you can contact used office furniture buyers in Dubai.

    How to sell your furniture before moving?

Now that you have identified the goods you want to get rid of, you can determine the method that best suits you to put them up for sale.

Online platforms

In addition to physical house clearances or flea markets, there are new online methods that make it easier for you to put your sale online and manage buyers.

Indeed, in recent years we have seen the emergence of apartment clearances or garage clearances, a concept from across the Atlantic, to sell as quickly as possible what we want to part with. This new trend is such that today many websites such as Used Furniture Buyers in Dubai allow you to put your items up for sale. More profitable and more practical than a traditional, physical sale, websites specializing in second-hand sales are multiplying and you can therefore select the one that best suits your needs (empty quickly, earn money, make good deals…)

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