Why Choose Selenium For Automation Testing?

Why Choose Selenium For Automation Testing?

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Selenium is an open-source, free automated testing toolkit for web applications that works with multiple operating systems and browsers. Selenium testing is the term in use for describing testing with Selenium. However, Selenium can only be in use to test web applications. You cannot use Selenium for both desktop and mobile application testing. Selenium Online Course can help you learn about this testing in brief.

Understanding Selenium:

It is a popular and free automation testing tool in use for specifically testing web applications. However, there are many other tools present for testing desktop and mobile applications, such as HP’s QPI, IBM’s RFI, Appium, and more.

Since Selenium is an open-source tool, it involves no licensing cost, which is indeed a significant benefit over other testing tools. You can further determine their popularity by the following reasons.

  • Test scripts are usually written in one of these programming languages—Python, Java, Perl, PHP, C#, Ruby, and .Net.
  • Testing happens in one of these operating systems—Generally, Windows, Linux, or Mac
  • Testing works in any of these browsers—Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or Opera.
  • Further, it can also integrate with tools like TestNG in Selenium. Additionally, JUnit for better managing test cases and also generating reports.
  • It also integrates with Jenkins, Maven, and Docker to achieve continuous testing.

Why Selenium?

Selenium is a known tool for enabling automated testing over several web browsers. Selenium WebDriver further enables you to easily and conveniently automate browser testing taking place across several browsers by supporting multiple other browsers as well. Including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Although Selenium has a number of benefits, the following are a few of the most significant; highlighting why most users pick Selenium over testing tools.

  • It ensures that cross-functional teams’ processes for the software development life cycle (SDLC) are indeed agile and transparent.
  • Typically, it requires less hardware involvement.
  • It is open-source and cross-platform.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface making creating and running test scripts a breeze.
  • Additionally, giving excellent visibility for testing end-to-end apps.
  • The automation test suites allow reusing and testing on several types of browsers and operating systems.
  • Features like test case regrouping and refactoring add an extra benefit to its flexibility.

What is the Use of Selenium?

Selenium is in use by the majority of programmers and developers who create website apps and occasionally want to test them. Selenium’s adaptability is one of the main benefits that led to its popularity. Selenium is a testing tool available for use by anyone who develops web programs. Additionally, experts can even troubleshoot and also carry out visual regression testing that matches the demands of the specific website or code. Selenium Online Course.

Selenium web application testing is typically the responsibility of quality analyst (QA) engineers in organizations. To make modifications to the project and keep up the test infrastructure, they must build scripts that can maximize accuracy and test coverage.

QA engineers are in charge of creating test suites that can find defects to ensure they can educate stakeholders about the project’s benchmarks. The specific main objectives of QA engineers seem to guarantee effectiveness, with great test coverage, and eventually productivity growth.


After learning about Selenium, you certainly can easily choose Selenium for testing. However, testing with any tool is not easy, you typically need a good understanding of how to work on it. To help you in this Selenium Training in Delhi provides you with all the necessary requirements for an efficient learning process. Moreover, a strong foundational framework promotes easy work.

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