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Why Choose Vive Printing for Custom Die Cut Boxes

Die cut boxes are custom shaped boxes that are folded and cut from flat thin sheets of cardboard, or other materials. These boxes can be cut into 2D shapes; in Today’s era, Die cut boxes are preferred by many customers as they are made up in a form that can fit your product perfectly. 

These boxes include common shapes like circles, hexagons, polygons, ovals, etc. Why choose vive printing for custom die cut boxes? Vive printing uses die cutting machines which use steel rule dies to cut through the material. 

This allows for consistent shaping and precision. Printed die cut boxes are versatile, and the material used include foam core, acrylic, corrugated cardboard, wood, and more. Custom Die cut boxes require less storage space than pre-made boxes, and these have features like embossing, inserts, coatings, windows, and more. 

How to do Die-Cut boxes Work:

Die-cut boxes are produced by cutting thick cardboard sheets into multiple shapes and sizes to pack products of any form and size. These boxes come in two types: foldable and rigid boxes. Folded boxes are lightweight and flexible, whereas rigid boxes are strong but less flexible.

Materials Used For Custom Die-Cut Boxes:

At Vive Printing, we offer a numerous selection of high-quality materials to create adorable and durable die cut boxes customized specifically for your products and brand. Some of the many materials we use include:

Cardboard and paperboard: We use sturdy cardboard guaranteed to provide durability, strength, and beauty for your boxes.

Kraft & specialty paper: We love the natural look of kraft paired with vibrant colors and finishes. We also offer thicker specialty papers. Shimmering metallic and foil-printed boxes offer an elevated unboxing experience.

Plastics: Lightweight yet strong clear plastic boxes provide visibility and protection for the display.

Vinyl: Bold and bright, vinyl offers eye-catching durability indoors or out.

Magnet: Make boxes interactive and fun with magnetic closures or attachments.

Premium Materials for Your Printed Die-cut Boxes: 

Turn your boring custom-printed die-cut boxes into a memorable real experience with significant material options. Here at Vive Printing, we offer everything made from kraft paper and fine material for an ultra-sleek look to metallic foils for added magnets for interactive closures and shine. 

Our experts use thick paperboard stocks from 12pt to 28pt for optimal durability. We recommend the ideal substrate for your particular product that aligns with your brand image and quality standards. We’re proud to source many eco-friendly and sustainably-produced materials as well.

Die-cut packaging boxes:

We understand that die-cut packaging requires more than just aesthetic appeal – boxes must protect and display products appropriately. That’s why Vive Printing has specialized expertise in designing optimized boxes for a wide variety of trades, from retail customers’ goods to electronics, cannabis packaging, subscription boxes, beauty products, and beyond. 

Our team considers important factors like visibility, sealing, storage, and weight-bearing properties. With experience across industries, Vive Printing can engineer durable, functional structures tailored to your specific items. In industries, one of the most powerful manufacturing techniques is die-cut packaging.

What makes Die-cut boxes remarkable? 

To promote your brand die-cut box is the most popular and effective way. We offer unique and customized boxes with vibrant colors, printings, shapes, and sizes. Die-cut boxes leave an admiring impression in the customer’s mind. 

These boxes are at affordable prices, so that there will be no reason to break the bank. In promoting your brand, these boxes are the ideal ones that will make your brand stand out in the market and will help you in increasing sales. 

That is why these boxes are remarkable, and customers love them. They take up less storage space than pre-made boxes. Foldable boxes are lightweight yet durable. Rigid boxes provide strength but less flexibility. For quality and sustainability, materials like paperboard, specialty paper, plastics, vinyl, and magnets enable durability, eco-friendliness, and visual appeal.

Pen Off! 

In conclusion, Vive Printing offers you custom die-cut boxes at affordable prices and with fine materials, which are made up of smooth and hard cardboard. Custom die-cut packaging is a creative way to help your products stand out. 

Die cut boxes provide versatile, custom-shaped packaging that perfectly fits products. Precision die cutting from cardboard, acrylic, and wood allows consistency. Printed die cuts have features like windows, coatings, and magnets for interactivity. 

They take up less storage space than pre-made boxes. Foldable boxes are lightweight yet durable. Rigid boxes provide strength but less flexibility. For quality and sustainability, materials like paperboard, specialty paper, plastics, vinyl, and magnets enable durability, eco-friendliness, and visual appeal.

Ultimately, die cuts are remarkable for customizability to showcase brands through shape, size, and vibrant prints. With protection and display capabilities, die cuts promote products effectively.


What types of materials do you offer for custom printed boxes?

We offer a huge selection, including cardboard, kraft, litho, foil, plastic, magnets, recycled, and more. Our experts will recommend the perfect material to suit your brand and product needs.

What finishing options do you provide?

In addition to premium printing, we offer embellishments like soft touch, foil stamping, embossing/debossing, spot UV, and decorative edges for a high-end look.

How quick is your turnaround time?

Our streamlined operational workflow allows us to deliver orders rapidly. We can produce small batches in 4-5 days and higher volumes in 1-2 weeks.

What types of boxes can you create?

In addition to standard boxes, we specialize in complex structural designs, book-style boxes, retail boxes, display boxes units, sleeves, and more. We can create boxes in any shape.

Do you assist with storage and fulfillment?

Yes! As a one-stop shop, we provide warehousing, assembly, order processing, quality control, shipping, and supply chain reporting for added convenience.

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