Why Is ISO 20000 Certification Needed?

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Organizations need effective IT service management if they want to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, and ISO 20000 Certification, an international standard for IT service management, plays a pivotal role in ensuring delivery of high-quality IT services. Explores its significance while also introducing INTERCERT; an internationally acclaimed certification body known for excellence when it comes to certifying organizations worldwide.

What Is ISO 20000 Certification?

ISO 20000 is an internationally acclaimed standard that defines best practices for IT service management. Created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), it serves as a framework for organizations to establish, implement, maintain, and enhance their IT service management system (ITSM). ISO 20000’s goal is to enhance overall effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery while meeting customer satisfaction goals.

Key Benefits of ISO 20000 Certification

  1. Enhancing Service Quality: Certification under ISO 20000 ensures that IT services adhere to set quality standards, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.
  2. Efficiency and Cost Reduction: By streamlining IT service management processes, organizations can lower operational expenses while improving efficiency.
  3. Risk Management: ISO 20000 provides guidance for identifying and mitigating IT service risks to ensure continuity and resilience of IT service delivery.
  4. Enhanced Competitiveness: Accreditation can show an organization’s dedication to excellence, improving its reputation and competitive edge.
  5. Global Recognition: ISO 20000 Certification provides organizations with global market access.

INTERCERT: An Industry Leader in Certification Services

INTERCERT is a premier certification body known for their commitment to excellence in certifying organizations from various industries. Established with the goal of fostering quality, safety, and sustainability initiatives among its certification clients, INTERCERT has developed an outstanding track record through rigorous assessment processes that ensure customer satisfaction.

INTERCERT’s ISO 20000 Certification process

INTERCERT offers ISO 20000 Certification services to organizations seeking to align their IT service management with international best practices. 

  1. Gap Analysis: An initial evaluation that seeks to identify areas in which an organization requires improvement to meet ISO 20000 requirements.
  2. Document Review: To conduct a detailed examination of an organization’s IT service management documentation to verify it conforms with ISO 20000 standards.
  3. On-Site Audit: An in-depth on-site audit will be performed to assess the implementation of IT service management processes and practices.

Why choose INTERCERT for ISO 20000 Certification?

  1. Expert Team: INTERCERT boasts a team of expert auditors with extensive knowledge in IT service management and ISO standards, who provide unparalleled audit services for businesses of any kind.
  2. Global Reach: INTERCERT’s worldwide presence provides organizations worldwide access to its certification services.
  3. Client-Centric Approach: At INTERCERT, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and they work closely with organizations in obtaining certification successfully.
  4. Competitive Advantage: INTERCERT’s ISO 20000 Certification gives organizations a distinct advantage in the market.
  5. Continuous Improvement: INTERCERT offers organizations comprehensive assistance for continuously optimizing their IT service management systems.

Key advantages ISO 20000 certification

ISO/IEC 20000 is an international standard that addresses IT service management (ITSM). It provides organizations with a framework to establish, implement, maintain and continuously enhance their IT service delivery processes.

  1. Increased Service Quality: ISO 20000 emphasizes the quality of IT services, leading to higher customer satisfaction through delivery of services that fulfill or surpass customer expectations.
  2. Increased Customer Confidence: ISO 20000 certification is an internationally-recognized symbol of an organization’s dedication to IT service quality and best practices, instilling customer confidence that their IT needs will be handled professionally.
  3. Enhancing Service Align: ISO 20000 helps align IT services with business objectives and priorities to ensure investments and efforts align with overall organizational goals. This ensures IT investments align with organizational objectives while IT investments and efforts help realize them successfully.


In today’s technology-focused world, ISO 20000 Certification stands as a tangible proof of an organization’s dedication to providing premium IT services. INTERCERT’s leadership as a certification body makes them essential partners in helping organizations obtain ISO 20000 Certification with excellence and precision.¬†

ISO 20000 Certification has many advantages for organizations worldwide, such as enhanced service quality, reduced costs and global recognition; organizations worldwide are turning to INTERCERT as their go-to certification partner. With INTERCERT’s guidance they not only meet international standards but can drive IT service management systems forward ensuring they remain customer-driven within an ever-evolving IT landscape.

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