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Women Empowerment In India–The Five Major Components

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Empowering women is essential to lift their quality of living. Every woman must be given freedom to enjoy her rights and live a stress-free life. When it comes to women empowerment in India, we need to consider five major components. This article explains the components of women empowerment and the role of women empowerment programs in helping women succeed in their lives. Women empowerment helps women achieve their life goals and contributes to the growth and development of our nation.

What are the Major Components of Women Empowerment?

Women empowerment consists of five major components such as Education, Social Inclusion, Health and Nutrition, Participation of Women in the Employment and Political sectors. Women empowerment is incomplete without these components. Let us now look in detail about these components in order to know more about women empowerment programs in our country.

Women Empowerment And Development Through Education

Education is a significant and critical component of women empowerment in India. In other words, women empowerment through education changes the lives of every woman for the good. By obtaining proper education, women gain the courage and confidence to make decisions on their own and face challenges that come their way with a clear mind. By obtaining proper education, women can find suitable employment opportunities for career growth. Women empowerment through education improves the status of women in society and family life. The women empowerment organizations play a vital role by conducting programs that create awareness and make every woman understand the need for education and empowerment.

Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment can be achieved by providing opportunities for women from low socio-economic backgrounds to become financially stable and independent. The idea and concept of economic empowerment also include improving the lifestyle of women, creating better employment opportunities, developing their skills, and promoting women empowerment programs. Economic empowerment also includes breaking the barriers of gender discrimination and encouraging women to find suitable opportunities for employment and build a sustainable livelihood. Every woman gains freedom through economic empowerment and the active participation of women in every sector contributes towards the growth and development of our nation.

Health and Nutrition

Health is indeed wealth because only a healthy body can create a healthy mind. A huge population of women living in rural areas suffer due to a lack of healthy food and nutrition. Without a healthy mind, no one can work productively and focus on ideas to uplift their careers. Women who lack proper nutrition face health issues and find it challenging to actively participate in employment sectors. By keeping the scenario in mind, campaigns, and empowerment programs are conducted by women empowerment organizations in rural areas to help women improve their health and lifestyle.

Participation Of Women In Employment And Politics

In most families, women are the decision-makers as they know how to use resources and handle situations. The active participation of women in employment and politics can play a significant and vital role in uplifting their lifestyle and improving their self-esteem, boosting their self-confidence, and financial and social status. Also, women contribute to the welfare of our society and more importantly, their contributions surely can improve the productivity of our nation which will make India a developed nation very soon. By participating in employment and politics, women can become effective leaders which can create an empowered society and nation.

Social Inclusion

Social inclusion is nothing but providing equal opportunities to everyone and treating them equally without considering their background and social status. In other words, social inclusion is all about treating women with respect and accepting their ideas and suggestions much like men get to voice their opinion. Social inclusion by providing equal opportunities helps every woman live a happy and peaceful life.

The Importance of Women Empowerment in India

Several women empowerment and development programs are conducted as an initiative to empower women in order to make them live their lives without depending on others. The programs conducted by the women empowerment organizations find marginalized women and help them obtain a proper education, create awareness, find suitable employment opportunities, and improve their quality of living. The women empowerment programs include awareness campaigns to promote it, especially among the women population living in rural areas.

Women empowerment and development cannot be achieved in one single day. Continuous efforts and hard work are needed to promote women empowerment. We have a long way to go in order to help marginalized women and make everyone understand the importance of women empowerment in India. Women empowerment provides equal opportunities for them to achieve their goals. Without the active participation of women in education and employment sectors, it’s hard to build a well-developed nation. In our journey towards promoting women empowerment in India, we need to understand the difficulties faced by every marginalized woman, the major components of women empowerment, and work hard to eliminate discrimination against women.

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