Yoga Sequences to Practice in Autumn

Yoga Sequences To Practice In Autumn

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Season impacts human beings in numerous ways. For some people, it is pleasant and hopeful, and for others, it is sad and gloomy. Autumn is the most common season, which causes depression episodes in many people. Yoga can prove their savior in tough times.

Adapting a specific autumn yoga routine can help you alleviate your mood. It can also boost strength, energy, balance, and focus, so exploring ideal poses is a must. You can practice the poses on your own or learn from experts to boost efficiency.

Give an in-depth read to this article to get your hands on yoga sequences to practice in autumn and improve your routine and physical and mental health.

Top 6 Yoga Sequences To Adapt In Autumn

Autumn is one of the best seasons to start practicing yoga. It can revive your lowering energy and help you feel more in control and focused. You can experiment with various poses to find the ones suitable for you.

Here are the most notable yoga sequences you can adapt to make your autumn routine more productive, enjoyable, and rewarding.

1. Tree Pose

Tree pose is the basic pose you should add to your autumn yoga routine. The pose improves the posture balance and ensures a smooth energy flow throughout the body. Stand straight on the floor to get started with the pose. Maintain a suitable distance between your feet. After that, lift your right foot off the ground and place it on your inner left thigh above the knee while bending your right knee outward. Bring your arms forward and join the hands in the prayer position at your chest level. Balancing the body on one foot can be a real challenge. It prompts people to join hot yoga Dubai and learn from certified trainers to practice efficiently.

2. Lotus Pose

Lotus pose is the next yoga pose you can add to your routine this autumn. The pose specifically helps find the breath and center, significantly enhancing feelings of relaxation and self-awareness. Sit on the floor in the cross-legged position to get started with the pose. Make a little change by folding your legs over your thighs instead of under them. Stretch your spine, shoulder, neck muscles, and the head. Spread your arms forward and place them on your knees. After that, inhale and exhale slowly while trying to identify the movements of your breath. Repeat the practice for a few minutes before coming out of the pose.

3. Child Pose

Child pose is the next yoga pose you can add to your autumn routine. The pose allows for the absorption of energy from the ground. It also improves balance, focus, and concentration. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and legs folded underneath to get started with the poses. Stretch your upper body and extend your arms straight up in the air. Bend your body towards the floor and place your forehead on the ground. Place your stretched arms on the floor while extending them over your head. Stay in the pose for a few minutes, leave it to relax, and repeat a few times.

4. Corpse Pose

Corpse is the next pose to add to your autumn yoga routine. The pose helps the body relax, restores energy, and boosts focus and concentration. It is one of the easiest yoga poses many people practice, even without recognizing it. Lie flat on your back on the floor to get started with the pose. Maintain a suitable distance between your feet and stretch the arms along your body. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath while inhaling and exhaling gradually. Stay in the pose for as long as you feel comfortable and realign your thought process.

5. Boat Pose

Boat pose is the next one you can add to your autumn yoga routine. The pose specifically focuses on maintaining balance and boosting core strength. It is a little bit tricky and requires practice to accomplish it successfully. You can sit on the floor while stretching your legs straight to get started with the pose. After that, gradually lift them off the ground and recline your upper body a little back. Balance your whole body on the hips, which will be the only point of contact with the floor. Make the shape of V with your body and stretch the arms before you. Focus on your breathing and repeat the pose a few times after taking a little rest.

6. Shoulder Stand Pose

Shoulder stand is the last pose you should add to your autumn yoga routine. The autumn season is not pleasant and attractive for everyone and can make you sad and gloomy. The inversion pose boosts blood flow in the overall body and positively impacts the mood. The pose requires you to lift your whole body up in the air while pressing the shoulder, neck, head, and arms into the ground. It is not easy even for experienced people, let alone beginners. You can join Yoga studio and use the help and guidance of certified trainers to practice this and other poses successfully.

Are You Excited About The Autumn Yoga Routine?

If you have never practiced hot yoga poses, it is the right time to get into the practice. Explore the best yoga studios around you and learn poses from certified trainers for efficient and result-oriented practice.

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