Best MR Reporting Software System in India 2024

Best MR Reporting Software System in India 2024

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The MR reporting software system streamlines the workforce operations of the pharmaceutical industry. The software automates every process, including task allocation, performance management, and attendance tracking. Keep reading to find the best pharma reporting software to empower your businesses.

Pharmaceutical operations have always been challenging to optimise. When employers manually manage orders, monitor field employees, and assign tasks, it reduces workforce efficiency and takes up a lot of time. However, with the introduction of an innovative solution like an MR reporting software system, businesses can streamline their end-to-end operations and improve workforce productivity. This advanced technology has successfully tackled the issue of streamlining the pharmaceutical workforce and operations.

Despite having so many pharma reporting software, there are some of the best ones among which you can choose to empower your business. Keep reading this blog to discover the best MR reporting software systems in detail. 

What is the MR Reporting Software System? 

The MR reporting software system is an application that automates the operations of the pharmaceutical industry. It helps industries manage their inventory, orders, and sales in real time. 

Employers can also monitor their medical representatives’ real-time location and performance with the best MR reporting software system. The extended features of the software include a leave and attendance system, employee expense management, geo-tagged verification, performance analytics, and task allocation software. 

Pharma reporting software increases workforce efficiency and minimises operating costs, resulting in profitability in the long run. For instance, assuming your pharmaceutical company has 2000+ sales representatives, it often becomes difficult for you to monitor and track the locational activities of your field executives. Sometimes manual task allocation causes trouble for managers. Pharmaceutical reporting software overcomes all these challenges by streamlining task allocation and providing real-time data insights.

Best MR Reporting Software System

Convinced to invest in pharma reporting software but unsure which one to choose? Worry not! Here is a list of some of the best MR reporting software systems to empower your business. 

  • TrackoField

When it comes to automating pharmaceutical operations, the TrackoField MR reporting software system is the best. Most businesses choose this software because of its innovative, business-empowering solutions, such as real-time visibility of MR, distance travelled by MR, actionable insights, geo-tagged operations, cross-platform ease, and seamless API integrations. 

What’s more? This pharma reporting software enhances team coordination and boosts productivity through employee management solutions like expense management, performance analysis, order management, attendance and leave management. This innovative solution streamlines your field operations at affordable pricing. 

  • Ammras

Ammras is a cutting-edge pharmaceutical reporting software. It enables sales executives to access the right information at the right time. Using this software, one can prepare data-driven and intriguing presentations in a few clicks to provide insights, clarity, and guidance to the clients. The Pharma Survey Module and its analysis options allow the software to identify market potential and find clients willing to use it. However, the software only provides SaaS deployment options and lacks a natural language generation feature.

  • Gofrugal Pharma

Gofrugal Pharma reporting software empowers pharma distributors, super stockists, and wholesale traders to control inventory and promote integrated financial accounting. The software enables faster order processing for self- or in-person salesmen through the online app. Simply put, the Gofrugal MR reporting software system automates pharma business operations and enables them to scale up efficiently. Despite having the best software in the business, the company often fails to provide exceptional customer support, resulting in inefficiency and work delays. 

  • Marg eOwner

It is an app that enables manufacturing companies to manage distributors, inventory, field force, accounting reports, and more on a single platform. The app provides real-time information to help business owners make informed decisions. Additionally, this is the best MR reporting software system, which is available on both Android and iOS. It is an ideal choice for big companies that want to digitalise and streamline end-to-end business operations. However, the high price of software might become a cause for concern for small pharma business owners. 

  • Sefmed

This innovative solution helps pharmaceutical businesses optimise their team efficiency by seamlessly creating, modifying, and sending tour plans for medical professionals while on the move. Additionally, the software empowers you to add doctor visits, modify locations promptly, and issue real-time commands to the field force. Overall, the MR reporting software system enhances coordination and productivity in pharma operations with the ability to manage schedules, track changes, and communicate easily. 

Final Takeaway

To summarise, the MR reporting software system is an innovative approach to revolutionise pharmaceutical operations. Among the many software available, a few like TrackoField, Ammras, Gogrugal Pharma, Marg eOwner, and Semfed are considered to be top-notch solutions. From real-time visibility and expense management to streamlined task allocation, they offer diverse features. However, if you are looking for extensive features at budget-friendly prices, consider investing in TrackoField Pharmaceutical Reporting Software. Want to try it? Schedule a demo now!

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