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Digital Marketing Essentials for Hotels & Resorts

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Digital marketing is crucial for any hotel or resort that wants to gain a competitive edge in the modern era. Reservations for hotels through mobile make up almost 27% of the booking, with an almost 13% increase over the past year.

As people today feel more comfortable making online transactions from their mobile phones, you, as a hotel or resort owner, must ensure that you reach out to more and more people on these platforms.

That’s where digital marketing comes to play!

In this blog, we will talk about digital marketing strategies or essentials for hotels or resorts and getting more customers to book a stay. This way, your rooms will be booked quickly, and your restaurant will be full of diners.

So, let’s quickly get into the strategies!

5 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotels & Resorts

Now, let’s discover some best digital marketing strategies that you can use for your hotel or resort.

Create Different Campaigns for Different Targeted Audiences

Only some of your guests will fall into one demographic. So, why depend on one marketing strategy?

If you want to create a successful digital marketing strategy for your hotel or resort, you must know your target audience’s personas and cater to them accordingly.

For instance, a hotel in Goa might have the following personas:

  • Tourists who wish to visit beaches
  • Solo travellers
  • Tourists who want a romantic weekend getaway
  • Locals who want to party hard at night

Each target audience has a different set of concerns and needs. Your locals might want to ensure that you have outstanding cuisines, while tourists may want that you have an excellent hotel with good amenities.

Thus, you need to create different campaigns for different audiences.

Address Potential Questions Guests Might Have

If you want to appeal large set of customers, then address the concerns they might have. One of the best digital marketing strategies for hotels or resorts should be answering their potential questions.

For instance, do you have free Wi-Fi? Do you have RV parking?

You will be stating this information on your site, but you can use it in your digital marketing content to attract more customers.

Use Guest Comments & Reviews

The travel industry has some customers who love to leave reviews for hotels or resorts they booked. These can help you grow your business and bookings quickly.

Reviews can enhance digital marketing for hotels or resorts in the area. You can share them on social media to get more guests to drive to your hotel for a staycation.

List your Hotel or Resort on Local Directories

Today, customers don’t directly visit your website to book a hotel. Instead, they look in the local directories, read reviews, and then come to a decision.

Thus, you need to have a business profile on these local directories such that they highlight your brand.

Furthermore, local directories can also help attract residents who wish to go on a staycation.

Engage Through Video Marketing

Videos of your hotel or resort, whether shared on social media, website, or emails, can give your targeted audience an interesting way to engage with your business.

These can educate your audience about your offerings, connect with your followers, and create a more customized and personalized experience.

In fact, in the latest study, it has been seen that the webpages that included videos helped increase conversion rates by 80%.

Thus, ensure that you use different types of videos on websites and social media platforms to drive more customers to your hotel or resort. Also, modify the message in the video according to the goal of your business.


Digital marketing strategies for hotels or resorts are crucial in revenue generation.

Of course, bigger players are entering the market. But with the right strategies in place, you can compete with them easily.

Using digital marketing strategies for hotels or resorts can ensure that all the channels are put to maximum use. So, make 2023 your year with more bookings.

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