How Can You Maximise Space with a Single-story Extension in your Home?

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Adding a single-story extension not only improves the visual appeal of your home but also provides valuable additional space.

Designing additional living space with a personalised layout also becomes a cost-effective task if you do a single-storey extension.

Without breaking the bank, a single-storey extension can provide you with all you need. This can include more space for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, porch, or just a place to unwind in the evenings.

If you plan to maximise your space, this article will help you maximise the space in a single-story extension. Work with professional home extension builders to effectively plan and build your extension within budget. 

Add a living room extension.

One of the hottest building trends is combining the dining area, kitchen, and living room into one enormous space. It should be noted that additions adding only a few meters of width cannot constructively create a living room area.

The best use of the area would be to expand an existing room and link the old and the new. You can leave the space wide open according to your needs.

Make a bathroom extension.

For bigger homes, in particular, a bathroom extension can improve comfort and convenience while also increasing the value of your house.

Including many windows when building a bathroom extension is ideal, but if that’s impossible, think about installing spotlights instead.

Consider including a shower room in one of your current bathrooms as a low-cost addition. If you list it for sale, your home will be worth more to potential purchasers.

Since prospective buyers undoubtedly have questions, you can educate yourself on a down payment beforehand.

Increase your kitchen space.

You are likely expanding your house because you are having space issues. Life in a home can be very challenging if it has a small kitchen. If you want to properly organise your cooking tools, cutlery, and other regularly used items, think about constructing an open shelving system.

Closed storage is necessary if you have cats that like to climb on shelves. A current trend is building a large open-plan living area for dining, cooking, and relaxing. Additionally, you can add one since a kitchen island may meet several purposes.

Go for a side return extension.

There’s a good likelihood that your terraced or semi-detached property has a side return or little outdoor space off to the side and behind the house.

If you want to expand your kitchen area, consider adding a one-story addition. The kitchen, living room, and dining area can all be open to one another.

Build a glazed extension in the backside of your basement

If your home has a basement, a little glazed extension at the back will let light flood the room and give the impression that it is larger.

It’s not required that you pursue a major home extension. The expansion should include stairs leading to the garden and open onto a sunken patio for optimal results.

Make an extension at the rear.

A single-story addition to the back of your house can provide the much-needed change without costing much money. It can be used as a living area or an enlarged kitchen diner.

It is possible to extend the rear of your kitchen into the garden and construct a wall dividing the original kitchen from the back. You can store your utilities in the newly created room in the centre of the house. Don’t forget to install roof lighting to make it brighter.

Add a box window.

A box window can be added even in a small area. When completed, however, it will offer a visually striking feature. Modern glass boxes can be added, and you can let them extend from the wall to create a window seat. Think about adding it to the main building next door or an extension.

Convert or extend an integral garage.

Is there an integrated garage in your house? If you want to add more living space, think about remodelling the garage. However, to avoid inadvertently devaluing your house, speak with a reputable local real estate agent.

If your garage has off-street or on-street parking, you can move through with your remodelling. In case you intend to list your house for sale, it will yield a more desirable living area and boost your profit.

Final thoughts

Always work with professional home extension builders if you are extending your home to increase space. Expert Home Extension Builderscan help you with designing and budgeting to build your home. 

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