How to become a wedding cake designer Professional wedding cake decoration and making is a lucrative field that gives needs much creativity,Guest Posting thinking ability and flexibility. Wedding cake making is a practical and artistic skill that offers more room for development and growth. Becoming a professional wedding cake designer involves completing a professional course in wedding cake designing. Also, only a minimum high-school diploma is needed for most entry-level positions through which one can get hands-on basics and designing experience, professional certifications and degrees from culinary schools are needed for more competitive and advanced level positions.


You can get entry-level employment at an independent bakery specialized in wedding cakes or professional wedding cake designer to get experience in the wedding cake or baking industry. It will aid you to get a realistic view and basic skills in wedding cake decoration and making. It is necessary to cement your interest in the wedding cake designer industry before investing in a culinary degree or even certification course.

Education and Training


A wedding cake designer job position does not need any formal education. Some vocational schools, culinary schools and community colleges provide wedding cake decoration, training classes. These wedding cake designing classes aid you to tune your skills and learn the basics about sanitation and food safety


Local craft shops or culinary supply shops might also provide private wedding cake design training and decoration classes. They will guide you through the necessary things such as the theme for a wedding, different piping bags, the icing on a cake and more advanced wedding decoration concepts like edible flowers, special theme decoration, structuring, layering, equipment required and many more. Most wedding cake decorators start their work from basic wedding theme cake from an established chef or wedding cake designer.


Wedding Cake Certification


A wedding cake certification or artist might aid you when applying for a speciality wedding cake designer position. Also, if you are planning to start your own wedding cake design services a wedding specialist would be a great help for you. Wedding cake certification can be obtained through firms such as the local baking association or ICES (International cake exploration society) in your region or state. Certification needs will vary on which firm you opt through.


Some might need a certain amount of verifiable work experience, while others need hands-on experience to prove their skills as per the upper Midwest bakery association. Regardless of professional wedding cake certification, a food handler’s permit is needed for a wedding cake designer to work out of their house or even their home. A food inspector’s permit can be obtained from your local state health department and you will receive it after a single day of attending the courses.


Online Courses   Several online courses guide students in wedding cake decoration. Through tutorials or video instruction, the courses are good and you can attend them. You can also check the background of the teachers of the courses before taking admission. You can select those with good reviews, particularly those well-versed in what you wish to learn. While you decorate a cake along with the instructor, the advantage of the course is you can learn at the comfort of your home as per your availability and willingness.


Artistic qualities


Designing wedding cakes need some artistic qualities or abilities. While many of the methods for wedding cake decoration can be learned and taught, the wedding cake designer is needed to craft and conceptualize cake as per the needs of the client. As wedding cake specialist work closely with clients, having good communication skills is necessary.


An aspiring wedding cake artist might have to deal with picky or upset clients, which will need problem-solving capability and patience. Since cakes should be well-designed with the proper theme, baked and should be completed within a short period with a restricted deadline- you should be keen and organized to finish your orders.

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