hp deskjet 2700e wireless setup

HP DeskJet 2700e Wireless Setup: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The HP DeskJet 2700e is a versatile all-in-one printer that offers wireless connectivity, making it easy to print from any device on your network. Setting up the wireless connection can seem daunting, but with this comprehensive guide, you’ll have your hp deskjet 2700e wireless setup and ready to print in no time. This guide covers everything from initial unboxing to troubleshooting common issues.

Unboxing and Initial Setup

Step 1: Unbox the Printer

  1. Open the Box: Carefully open the box and remove all packaging materials from the printer.
  2. Remove Protective Tapes: Take off any tapes and protective films from the printer’s exterior.
  3. Check Contents: Ensure the box contains the printer, power cord, ink cartridges, and any user manuals or setup guides.

2: Connect the Power and Turn On the Printer

  1. Connect the Power Cord: Plug one end of the power cord into the printer and the other end into a power outlet.
  2. Power On the Printer: Press the power button on the printer to turn it on. The printer will go through a startup routine.

3: Install Ink Cartridges

  1. Open the Ink Cartridge Access Door: Lift the access door to reveal the cartridge slots.
  2. Insert the Ink Cartridges: Unpack the ink cartridges. Insert the black cartridge into the right slot and the color cartridge into the left slot, pressing each cartridge until it clicks into place.
  3. Close the Access Door: Close the ink cartridge access door and wait for the printer to initialize the cartridges.

4: Load Paper into the Input Tray

  1. Open the Input Tray: Pull open the input tray located at the back of the printer.
  2. Load Paper: Place a stack of plain white paper into the input tray and adjust the paper width guides to fit the paper.
  3. Close the Input Tray: Push the input tray back into the printer.

Setting Up Wireless Connection

Step 1: Download and Install the HP Smart App

The HP Smart app is essential for setting up the wireless connection and managing your printer.

  1. Download the App:
    • For Windows or macOS: Download the HP Smart app from HP’s official website.
    • For iOS or Android: Download the HP Smart app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Install the App: Follow the on-screen instructions to install the HP Smart app on your device.

2: Prepare the Printer for Wireless Setup

  1. Reset the Network Settings: If the printer was previously connected to another network, reset its network settings by pressing and holding the Wireless button and the Cancel button simultaneously for three seconds.
  2. Enable Wireless Setup Mode: Press the Wireless button on the printer. The wireless light will start blinking, indicating that the printer is in setup mode.

3: Connect the Printer to WiFi

  1. Open the HP Smart App: Launch the HP Smart app on your device.
  2. Add a New Printer: Click on the “+” sign to add a new printer. The app will search for available printers.
  3. Select Your Printer: Choose the HP DeskJet 2700e from the list of discovered printers.
  4. Enter WiFi Details: Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the printer to your WiFi network. Enter your WiFi network name (SSID) and password when prompted.
  5. Complete the Setup: The app will confirm once the printer is connected to your WiFi network. The wireless light on the printer will remain solid.

4: Print a Test Page

  1. Open the HP Smart App: Ensure your printer is selected.
  2. Print a Test Page: Use the app to print a test page to verify the wireless setup.

Installing Printer Software and Drivers

Step 1: Visit the HP Support Website

  1. Go to HP Support: Open your web browser and navigate to the HP support website.
  2. Search for Your Printer: Enter “HP DeskJet 2700e” in the search bar and select your printer model.

Step 2: Download and Install Drivers

  1. Select Operating System: Choose your operating system from the dropdown menu.
  2. Download Drivers: Click on the download link for the recommended driver package.
  3. Install Drivers: Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions. Ensure your printer is turned on and connected to the same WiFi network during installation.

Setting Up Mobile Printing

Step 1: Ensure Printer and Mobile Device are on the Same Network

  1. Check WiFi Connection: Ensure both your HP DeskJet 2700e and mobile device are connected to the same WiFi network.

Step 2: Use the HP Smart App on Your Mobile Device

  1. Launch the HP Smart App: Open the HP Smart app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Add Your Printer: Tap the “+” sign and select your HP DeskJet 2700e from the list.
  3. Print from Mobile: Choose a document or photo to print and follow the on-screen instructions.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Printer Not Connecting to WiFi

  1. Verify WiFi Credentials: Double-check that you entered the correct WiFi network name (SSID) and password.
  2. Restart Devices: Restart your printer, router, and the device you are using for setup.
  3. Move Printer Closer to Router: Ensure the printer is within range of your WiFi router with minimal obstructions.

Print Jobs Not Printing

  1. Check Printer Status: Ensure the printer is on and there are no error messages.
  2. Clear Print Queue: On your computer, go to “Devices and Printers,” right-click on the HP DeskJet 2700e, and select “See what’s printing.” Cancel any stuck print jobs.
  3. Check Ink Levels: Ensure the ink cartridges are not empty or low on ink.

Poor Print Quality

  1. Use Quality Paper: Ensure you are using the correct type and quality of paper recommended for your printer.
  2. Clean Print Heads: Use the HP Smart app or printer control panel to run a print head cleaning cycle.
  3. Align Print Heads: Align the print heads using the HP Smart app or the printer control panel.


Setting up the HP DeskJet 2700e for wireless printing is a straightforward process when you follow the correct steps. From unboxing the printer to connecting it to your WiFi network using the HP Smart app, this guide provides detailed instructions to ensure a successful setup. Whether you’re printing from a computer or a mobile device, the HP DeskJet 2700e offers the convenience of wireless printing, making it an ideal choice for home and small office environments. If you encounter any issues, refer to the troubleshooting section to resolve common problems and keep your printer running smoothly.

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