Medusa Piercing and the Jewelry That Goes With It

Medusa Piercing and the Jewelry That Goes With It

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Medusa piercings are daring, done to draw attention to the beauty of one’s lips. The piercing is done directly on the lips using a labret stud that rests on top of the piercing. It’s natural to experiment with different jewelry for such a unique and lovely piercing. The most common style of jewelry used with a Medusa piercing is studs with a flat surface. Women have experimented and explored various appearances and trends with Medusa piercing. The sort of jewelry people wear is a crucial aspect in this investigation. Here are some examples of jewelry worn by ladies with Medusa piercings. Others are the sorts that can be worn with a Medusa piercing.

Studs are simply fashionable.

Stud earrings are the most common style of jewelry worn with a Medusa piercing. Studs are available in gold, silver, diamonds, and gemstones, among other materials. You can choose the size you want based on your style and personality, from the smallest of studs to a substantial size. Studs are the finest choice for those who want to keep things discreet and sophisticated.

Tiny hoops appear to be cultural.

Hoops, particularly in the smallest size, are another style of jewelry that can be worn with a medusa piercing. The hoop is just big enough to rest on the top of your lips. The styles and materials used to make hoops used on the lips are both enticing and tenacious. You’ll adore the appearance it provides, as well as the cultural vibe from Indian state traditions.

Diamonds are timeless, and wearing them as a stud or in a hoop over the lips is to say the least intriguing. The dazzling shine it imparts to the wearer’s appearance and face is fascinating. The beauty of that solitary stud on the philtrum can practically take your breath away.

Floral patterns are adorable.

Other current forms of artificial jewellery sets for above the lips include floral motifs in gold, silver, and oxidized metals. Inspired by folk and antique art designs, these are frequently worn by women in traditional occasions to add a touch of culture.

A single little pearl

Single pearls in the tiniest size are also popular medusa piercing jewelry. The most popular type is pearls in various colors or a hue that reflects light in rainbow colors. Pearls, while traditionally associated with elegance, bring a playful element to this design.

Hippies are Gothic.

Gothic designs are yet another option for jewelry creation. They are inspired by the darkness we perceive around us and expressed creatively for aesthetic purposes. Gothic jewelry made of silver and oxidized metal is fashionable, and it can be worn as a lip adornment.

These are some of the jewelry options for medusa piercing that you can experiment with. These ideas are either common or original; try them out and appreciate the style they give to your appearance.

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