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WatchGPT is an app that enables users to interact with a chatbot using natural language, quickly answering queries and providing results quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, this chatbot supports voice input so users can interact using voice-activated technology for enhanced convenience.

The app can be purchased for $4 on the App Store and is based off of Chat GPT from OpenAI.


The Apple Watch can perform most of the functions associated with smartphone usage. It can make calls, send messages, navigate and even detect blood glucose levels; however it was previously unable to access AI chatbots such as Open AI’s ChatGPT directly.

With watchGPT’s dedicated third-party app, users can now interact with an AI chatbot directly on their wrists to receive answers to their inquiries or generate longer text messages they can share via iMessage or mail. Watchgpt App Apple Watch Users can be easily accessed by opening the App Store on an Apple Watch and searching for “watchGPT.” After installation, it can be set as a complication that can be tapped to launch it, with users being able to input queries using either typing or voice input and the response displayed on-screen – this can then be shared through either iMessage or Mail.


Are You an Apple Watch User Who Likes ChatGPT? Well, then you may be thrilled to know that ChatGPT’s popular AI has now made its way onto Apple Watch via third-party developer watchGPT! Users can interact directly with this bot from their wrists at just $4.00 each; users can share results via text, email and social media using this device!

To use the watchGPT app on an Apple Watch, just tap its complication and type or speak your query – Petey will then deliver his reply! Alternatively, this app can be set as a permanent complication for easy access.

The developer of this app plans to add support for vocal input and personal API keys as well as accessing your history through an optional upgrade. However, its current version only works on Apple Watches; compatibility may be extended to other devices in future releases.


An independent developer has brought OpenAI’s AI chatbot ChatGPT, or watchGPT, to Apple Watch as a one-off purchase on the App Store for $4. With watchGPT you can interact with ChatGPT while sharing its responses through SMS or email.

For easy and quick access, this app can also be set as a complication on a watch face for quick use. At present it supports English, Dutch and French for use; its user experience mirrors that of its web interface in that any time a question is asked of it, the bot will begin answering and can even create longer texts according to your request.

This app is compatible with all Apple watches running watchOS 9 and supports the new glucose monitoring feature on Apple Watch Series 4.


With ChatGPT making waves lately, a new app for Apple Watch now enables users to interact directly with its AI-backed chatbot from their wrists. Dubbed WatchGPT and available through the App Store for $3.99 (roughly Rs 328), the third-party application lets people interact with ChatGPT through texts, emails and social media apps directly from their wrists – as well as set it as a complication for quick access.

Hidde van der Ploeg has promised updates for this app which include accessing one’s own API key, history access and voice input support by default. In addition, these changes should allow faster responses and longer messages compared with using its main interface, according to 9to5Mac.

Petey — AI Assistant works similarly to Siri, with its adorable robot mascot reading back answers in textual form which can then be shared via email or text. For convenience and quick access it can also be set as a home screen complication or launched by pressing its crown.

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