Who are the Best Accounting Service Providers in the UK?

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If you’ve recently begun looking for a tax adviser, you’re probably wondering which UK firms are the most reputable. This article will cover the main institutions, including ATT, CIOT, Certax Fitzrovia, and PAIFANG Accountants & Tax Advisers (UK) Ltd. It will also provide you with a solid grounding in UK taxation. Which of these institutions is right for you?



The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) is a body that represents the profession of tax advisors in the UK. CIOT members include accountants, lawyers, and other tax professionals. The organization is also the owners of the Journal of Tax Administration, which is published by the University of Exeter. Membership of CIOT is free and requires a simple form on their website. It has many responsibilities, and is open to anyone in the UK.


UK’s Largest Professional Body for Tax Advisers

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) is the UK’s largest professional body for tax advisers. Members can earn membership by passing rigorous examinations and are allowed to use the CTA initials after their name. Only Chartered Tax Advisers can use the CIOT logo and use the letters CTA after their name. While anyone in the UK can advertise themselves as a tax advisor, Chartered Accountants have in-depth knowledge and practical experience dealing with clients.


CIOT Members Enjoy the Prestige of the CTA Designation

Members of the CIOT are also entitled to receive the prestigious publication Tax Adviser/Tax Adviser Online. Tax Adviser is the largest circulation tax journal in the UK. CIOT members also have access to CPD offered in residential conferences and the over 300 events delivered through the CIOT’s branch network. Additionally, the CIOT website receives over four million hits annually.


High Ethical and Professional Standards

Chartered tax advisors have high ethical and professional standards. They are highly-qualified professionals who can transition between general tax consultancy, industry, and commerce. Chartered tax advisers can also work internationally in corporate and expatriate tax. And they are capable of handling complex and highly technical problems. So, it’s always best to pursue a chartered tax advisor qualification. If you’re ready to work hard, start your career as a chartered tax advisor today!


As a Member of the CIOT

As a member of the CIOT, you’ll find the services of expert, qualified tax advisers in the UK. There’s a wealth of information available on the CIOT website. It also hosts events on taxation careers and has a library at King’s College London where members can learn more about the profession. The Institute also hosts a directory of Chartered Tax Advisers.



Members of the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) are qualified tax professionals. This professional body draws upon the experience of its members and also contributes to consultations that help shape the UK tax system. Its members work to make the tax system fair and as effective as possible. The Association has over 12,000 members, including fellows and students. Members must meet the Association’s rigorous standards, including maintaining appropriate levels of PII insurance.


ATT Qualification in the UK 

Tax professionals can earn the ATT qualification in the UK by passing two papers and one optional paper. They can also sit both E-Assessments. The ATT examinations are offered at different intervals, or all at once. Members of other professional bodies, such as the AAT, can earn credit for ATT exams, although some exams may be exempt. The ATT is one of the main qualifications sought by employers in the tax industry.


ATT Graduates can Qualify for the Profession

ATT graduates can qualify for this profession by pursuing a course that develops their knowledge of tax, accounting principles, and ethics. The Association’s ATT examination leads to the qualification of a taxation technician, or tax advisor. To take the exam, graduates must have two years’ professional experience or equivalent work experience. In addition to completing an ATT course, candidates must also have a degree in an accounting discipline.


Pro Tax Accountant

If you’re in need of an accountant or tax advisor, Pro Tax Accountant ( UK) Ltd is a company in the United Kingdom. They’re part of a group of international accountants and tax advisers. You can call them or visit their offices to get more information. You can find out more about their services, including their contact information, opening hours, and more.

PTA was founded on 4 April 2014, with its registered office in London. The company has been in business for eight years, and currently has one active directory and one secretary. They offer a full range of accountancy and corporate services for both small businesses and individuals. Their office is based in London, but you can also find them online.

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