An App for Cosmetic Lovers! How to Develop

An App for Cosmetic Lovers! How to Develop?

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We girls can never say no to cosmetics and skin care products. Our love for them cannot be undefined, and it is moving beyond the skyline with lots of mobile app providing us with seamless access to cosmetics with different price ranges, ingredients, and packaging materials.   

Also, the market for cosmetic and skin care products is increasing, providing entrepreneurs with a significant opportunity to shift their cosmetic stores online. So, are you also in to bring some positive outcomes with an app that delivers the products to the end-users doorsteps?

If yes, it’s time for you to book a consultation with the leading Android app development company in Dubai because the team at the company will help you in every possible way with all the tech and feature integration that lead to the infrastructure of your cosmetic app. 

Top Features of a Beauty and Cosmetic App

Do you know how to develop a cosmetic app? You should focus on all the necessary features that will make your app stand out from the others and help it get value to users.

Seamless Registration 

The first thing the user does after coming to your digital solution is registration, so make sure to provide them with an easy way, like login to the application using multiple IDs, i.e., social media, Gmail, Google, etc. 

What else you can do is to let them sign up as a guest and place their orders conveniently. An exciting way to fetch your customers that you should never ignore. 

Profile Creation

Now, it’s time to create a profile by filling in information like addresses and payment methods they use the most. Users can customize the feel and look using various options that fit their interests. The more options you bring for customization, the more they will be connected to your aesthetically built mobile app. 

Range of Services

Bring them a range of services from which they can pick the best one that suits their beauty and cosmetic needs. Also, let the users get recommendations on the different products they have picked and purchased till now. Using predictive analysis, you can bring your customers closer to your business. 


Your customers should be aware of all the products to be delivered so there is no confusion about which products they have ordered. Many users receive a different product than they have ordered previously; you must work on this while reflecting the right products on the ordered section of their user profiles. 

Push Notifications

Various cosmetic and eCommerce apps use push notifications to derive customer engagement, as these notifications bring details about discounts, cashback offers, special deals, and a lot more. To keep your customers engaged, you must integrate push notifications in your mobile app with the help of a top app development company in Dubai


Let all your consumers share their reviews about how they like the product. This will not only help you hear from your customers about the products and services you provide but also let the new customer decide whether they should try the newly launched product on their skin. 

Product Details

Instead of reading reviews only, most customers prefer to read the product description before hitting the buy button to find no ingredients that cause a skin infection or any other issue. While providing product details, including information like color set, sizes, variation, and many more things that users would love to know about, you will help customers make better decisions.

Discounts and Rewards

What else you can bring to your app is the integration of gamification that lets the customers win exciting rewards and discounts, and they keep coming back to your platform for the two purposes it offers, entertainment and products and services. Almost every industry uses gamification for the different capabilities it brings to an app idea, and you should also use the same. 

GPS Integration 

How can we ignore the GPS integration? You must include this feature for your delivery partner and users because by looking at it, the user will know how long it will take to get their products delivered, and delivery personnel will get the directions that should be followed to reach the users’ doorsteps. GPS integration is an essential feature for today’s cosmetic market, and you should integrate it. 

Multiple Address save

Instead of letting them save only one address, you should allow them to share as many addresses as they want for office location, home, or any other place so that they don’t have to rely on others to pick their ordered products. It will also be saved from theft. 

To Sum it Up!

So, this is what you should integrate into your own cosmetic app if you are planning to build the same while taking consultation from the best React native app development company in UAE.

Have any further doubts or queries?

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section. We will help you bring the most favorable outcomes. 

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