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With majestic forts, welcoming culture, and the nostalgia of the royal lives diffused in the air, this magical place is all you should think about when you are urged to go camping. You can also visit Beas Kund trek, IT is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. The trek is located in the Kullu Valley, and it takes you through some of the most stunning landscapes in the region.

Here are the top camping places, you can’t miss in Jaisalmer:

Damodra Desert camping-

Are you more of a traditional traveler and want to take in the beauty as it is? Worry not! You can enjoy the scenic view and camp traditionally with outdoor camping and unique camel treks.

Prince Desert camp-

The night vibes of Jaisalmer are unparalleled, more so when you are traveling or camping. The Prince Desert camp officially provides a Night Safari as one of its services and honestly, you just cannot miss it.

Sujan- The Serai Jaisalmer

Based in the golden land of sand, the Serai chain of eco-hotels is widely popular for providing the best camping experiences to tourists.

The Golden Camp-

This regal fort in the Thar desert is all about vintage themes. Along with having a vintage bar and an event space, the camps provided here are of Swiss style and African style fused with Rajasthani culture to give a livelier experience of the camp stay.

Oasis Camp Sam-

If you are more of a water-loving person and want to experience the beauty of the desert, an oasis, and camping all at once, this is the place for you. Adorned with classy white themes, this place might give you the most royal stay ever.

Shama Desert Camp-

Hidden amongst dense vines, this might be the ideal fairytale location for you. The camp provides you with the benefit of enchanting gardens and mountain views. The famous Khaba Fort is also nearby and a must-visit if you decide to hide camp in this area.

Sam Desert Camping-

The camp provides you with a typical village feel and is adorned with traditional artifacts. You can even go venture into the Thar Desert with the help of a Jeep Safari as well as a Camel Safari. The camp is known for recreating the ancient “Silk Route” in the campsite itself.

Manvar Desert Camp-

The top-notch campsite if you want to be drowned in luxury. Having village-style cottages, private camps, separate dining tents, and huge baths makes your stay the best. The main highlight of the camp is that the tents are arranged in a semi-circle manner around a focal- Courtier’s Hall also known as the Durbar Hall.


The camp is known as the sand dunes of Thar desert probably because of its style.

The tents are quite modern but engulfed with traditional amenities so you do not miss out on the Rajasthani culture.

The Winds Desert Camp-

This camp is for all the minimalists out there. The camp specially offers gala dinners, camel safari, jeep safari, taxi services, traditional cultural night, indoor games, and so on. There is also an exclusive mobile camp.

Sand Voyages Camp-

This place will hit you with its beauty. The traditional and cultural programmes are one of the major points of this camp, which can’t be missed.

Desert Dream Royal Camp-

One of the most renowned campsites of Jaisalmer, known for its management by the native people. This place even provides the Jeep Safari and the cultural dance performances.  You cannot miss the golden hour of sunrise as this place provides with the best scenic place for you to witness Jaisalmer’s sunrise.

Since Jaisalmer is a former medieval trading center, even today, corporate people are out there looking for weekend getaways. Known as the “Golden City”, and located in the heart of the Thar desert, the camps are a must-visit for all travelers and the adrenaline junkies. Jaisalmer is uniquely known for its yellow architecture and is famous for the Jaisalmer Fort.  Although having great architecture and many tourist places to visit, the real gem lies in experiencing the camp life of the desert, camel safari, and jeep safaris in the deserts.

The best time to go camp in Jaisalmer is between November to March. Ideally, the temperature is 24 degrees Celsius, it indeed is the perfect weather for sightseeing and outdoor stuffs.

So, what are you waiting for? Red cross this place out of your bucket list and have the most splendid stay in the magical camps of Jaisalmer.

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