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How to Prepare for IB exams: Strategies and Tips

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) program offers a rigorous pathway for excelling in various subjects throughout the program. As daunting as the IB program seems, a strategically laid out study plan and lots of hard work can very well enhance your chances of clearing the exam. Let’s get to the points on how to ace your IB tests.

  • Going through the syllabus

    The IB syllabus consists of various subjects like, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, English etc. Above is not the exhaustive list of subjects. Apart from the academic schedule there are TOK (Theory of Knowledge) essays and EE (Extended Essays). It is always wise to take up some IB tok help from IB tutors. Laying out the syllabus in front of you and then approaching it with a positive mindset will surely help.

    ● Prioritize Challenging Subjects / Topics first

We all know how difficult it can be to deal with the subjects that are already a bit challenging for us at the last moment, so to solve this problem, take up the hard ones before and practice them side by side with the regular ones.

  • Vision Board for Planning

A well planned out vision board will not only help you stay up to date with your exam curriculum but will also point out where you need to compensate or give attention to. It works like a charm when it comes to seeking motivation.

  • Take help from a tutor

When preparing for an exam like the IB exam, a wise decision would be to find a suitable tutor to help you ease out the burden of your studies. A tutor in this case will act like a guiding light for your preparations to make them easy and efficient.

  • Practice Essay Writing

IB exam consists of EE i.e. Extended Essay Writing which requires a good command over the language. Online IB EE tutors may prove of significant help while preparing for the same.

  • Practice makes perfect

As the saying goes, Practice the subjects thoroughly on a day to day basis. Mark out calendars, make planners and dedicate different days to different topics in a way that each subject is covered by the end of the decided day.

  • Utilize Online Resources –

In this age of the Internet there are ample resources available at your disposal on the web. Find relevant topics on Sites like Youtube, Quora etc. to solve doubts and enhance your knowledge of any subject.

  • Take up regular mock tests

Practice tests are a must for honing your skills in the IB exams. Not only they increase your confidence over time but also they help in regular revision of the syllabus.

  • Have Faith

After all the hard work that you have put in, it’s only fair you have some faith and confidence in yourself and the integrity of your work.

  • A good night’s sleep

There’s no medicine quite like a sound sleep. The benefits of a good night’s sleep are endless. It refreshes you, rejuvenates you and prepares you for the day to come. It also helps in memory retention.

  • Offline life while studying

While preparing for such a challenging exam, it is advisable to go offline while you put all your concentration and work in studies. It’s the best way to avoid all kinds of digital and social distractions single- handedly.

  • Take it Easy

It is easy to get the exam pressure to get the best of you but, all things in life teach us something and so will this exam. This exam is of paramount importance to you but a little fun break here and there will only help you relax and perform better. Take it as just another life experience.

  • Include a friend or two

Group studies are always a good idea when it comes to self motivation. It promotes the spirit of healthy competition, thus improving the overall performance plus you have a helping hand at your disposal anytime and everytime.

  • Practice in Writing

All your exams will require you to write by hand, to make sure you do so quickly, start practicing writing your content by hand. It will not only sit in your memory for longer but also increase your speed.

  • Revisit while doing other tasks

Revision does not only have to be while studying. Keep your thoughts organized and mentally revise your notes. Make a visual picture of your notes and go through them whenever you find time throughout the day.

  • Read a Wide Array of Subjects-

IB is a global curriculum, so it would be a good idea to invest some time in reading about World affairs and International Relations to brush up your knowledge about global events. This would help enormously throughout the essays and some oral exams too.

  • Set Realistic standards

Set realistic goals for yourself when it comes to cracking the IB exam. Know your limits and don’t put too much pressure on yourself that it becomes unbearable to handle.

  • Understand what IB wants

Plan your studies around what the IB syllabus and format is. When you do that you prepare yourself for what is actually important and relevant to the exam while skipping the part that has little to no relevance.


To conclude, the IB exam involves an array of subjects including written and oral examinations. The EE (Extended Essay) and TOK(Theory of Knowledge) requires you to have a good command over the language and a varied knowledge of subjects. With hard work and dedication one can achieve this challenging course’s requirements. Keep your calm, take care of your health, maintain a positive attitude and most of all keep in check of your mental well being. Now that you know the most amazing tips and strategies to ace your IB exams, go ahead and get preparing! All the Best!

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