Migrate OneDrive for Business to Another Tenant Easily

Learn How To Migrate OneDrive for Business to Another Tenant With This Guide

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Cloud-based data storage like Microsoft’s OneDrive has become a vital component of the industrial revolution 4.0. As businesses grow and evolve, their need to migrate critical cloud data becomes inevitable. Even with the robust Microsoft 365 ecosystem, users may find it tough to migrate OneDrive for business to another tenant.

Fear not with this guide it doesn’t matter whether users are undergoing a company merger, restructuring, or simply optimizing their data storage. The step-by-step approach present here empowers users to execute a successful migration no matter what.

Let’s start by discussing some real-life scenarios where users need to transfer OneDrive data from one tenant to another.

Real-world Situations Requiring OneDrive Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

Give below are some cases that regularly demand Office 365 OneDrive migration:

Even budding tech startups use Microsoft 365 products but their main focus lies in challenging the norm with cutting-edge innovation. Moreover, time is their most important resource. Therefore, they cannot afford to waste any of it on answering questions like “How to migrate OneDrive from one Office 365 tenant to another”. For them, proper storage space management holds immense appeal. Why? Well, it grants every employee access to the essential tools and resources they need, free from the complexities associated with a lack of space.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the world of education like other sectors the centers of learning are also adopting modern technology. Additionally, any of them prefer the tried and tested Office 365 suite. As it allows, students, teachers, and staff members, in educational institutions to seamlessly communicate within a unified digital environment. But they can only share projects, documents, results, etc if their OneDrive works properly. Therefore, to make academic life a piece of cake it is necessary to have a guide to migrate OneDrive from one Office 365 tenant to another.

The advantages of properly maintained cloud storage extend far beyond the tech realm and reach the healthcare sector. As the medical records are being digitized they require an online repository like OneDrive. Imagine for a second if hospitals and clinics cannot access the data of their patients, the repercussions could be fatal. Hence, a mechanism to transfer the OneDrive data to another tenant or a local database becomes a key prerequisite to modern medical services.

Just like these users in countless other industries also face issues with OneDrive and are looking for ways to migrate their data. In the upcoming section, we will discuss the manual workaround to this problem.

Manually Migrate OneDrive Data from One Tenant to Another in Office 365

Step-1. Creating a Link to Both the Tenants

  • Log in to the SharePoint Management Shell as a Microsoft 365 Global admin.
  • Execute the command given below after entering the source URL:
    • Connect-SPOService -url https://<NameOfTenant>-admin.sharepoint.com
  • Execute the command given below after entering the target URL:
    • Connect-SPOService -url https://<NameOfTenant>-admin.sharepoint.com

Note: Users must log in to source & target tenant via user ID and passcode when requested.

Step-2. Forging Trust Among Source and Target Tenants

  • Initiate a trust request from the source to the target tenant, by entering:
    • Set-SPOCrossTenantRelationship -Scenario MnA -PartnerRole Target -PartnerCrossTenantHostUrl <CrossTenantHostUrl-Of-TARGET>
  • Initiate a trust request from the target to the source tenant, by entering:
    • Set-SPOCrossTenantRelationship -Scenario MnA -PartnerRole Source -PartnerCrossTenantHostUrl <CrossTenantHostUrl-Of-SOURCE>

Step-3.  Acknowledge Trust

  • Enter this command on source:
    • Verify-SPOCrossTenantRelationship -Scenario MnA -PartnerRole Target -PartnerCrossTenantHostUrl <CrossTenantHostUrl-Of-TARGET>
  • Enter this command on target:
    • Verify-SPOCrossTenantRelationship -Scenario MnA -PartnerRole Source -PartnerCrossTenantHostUrl <CrossTenantHostUrl-Of-SOURCE>

Step-4. Make users and groups in target tenant beforehand

  • Assign user identities for users migrating their OneDrive accounts to the target.
  • Create guest identities for source tenant users needing access to resources.
  • Add pre-created users as members of relevant security or unified groups.
  • Note down any user or group name conflicts and create alternatives.
  • Restrict site creation in the target to prevent unauthorized access.

Step-5. Complete Mapping Identities

  • Construct a CSV file containing the identity of mappings.
  • Get both the tenant company ID and group object ID from the source.
  • Submit the identity map via this code:
    • Add-SPOTenantIdentityMap -IdentityMapPath <identity-map.csv>
  • Confirm the status of compatibility via:
    • Get-SPOCrossTenantCompatibilityStatus -PartnerCrossTenantHostURL [Target tenant hostname]

Note: Users can only proceed if the status returns as Compatible or Warning.

Step-6. Begin Migration By Executing the Following Command

  • Start-SPOCrossTenantUserContentMove -SourceUserPrincipalName <…> -TargetUserPrincipalName <…> -TargetCrossTenantHostUrl <…>

Users have witnessed how complicated the manual procedure is. Don’t worry, we have a better alternative.

Migrate OneDrive for Business to Another Tenant Using Automated Utility

To end users’ woes, we introduce the professional Systools OneDrive to Onedrive Migration ToolThis tool serves as the ultimate solution for all data transfer scenarios, including OneDrive to another tenant migration. Due to its intelligent design, even the most complex data transfer can be performed seamlessly. Moreover, its simple yet intuitive features allow even users from non-technical backgrounds to migrate data between Office 365 tenants with ease. Just follow these simple steps to send your data where you want:

Step-1. Open the utility and pick Office 365 as the source well as the destination.

Step-2. In the Doc option toggle Migrate doc permission and Use Group Mapping.

Step-3. Enter the source Tenant and Application credentials and press the validate button.

Step-4. Upon verifying the permissions move ahead by pressing Next.

Step-5. Enter the target Tenant and Application credentials and press the validate button.

Step-6. Upon verifying the permissions move ahead by pressing Next.

Step-7. Construct a mapping by picking a single option from (Fetch, Import, or Download).

Step-8. Once the mapping is done hit the validate button.

Step-9. At last, click on the “Start” button and leave the rest to the tool.

Next, we discuss the advantages users enjoy if they go for the recommended solution.

Reasons To Rely On the Advanced Tool For OneDrive Migration

The tool comes with a boatload of qualities that make it the ideal choice for many they are given below:

  • It also relocates user emails, contacts, and calendar events.
  • A built-in date filter is included within the tool to selectively transfer OneDrive data.
  • Preserve the metadata and maintain folder structure even after migration.
  • Works well with different versions of the Windows operating system.
  • Users get the option to prioritize what data they want to move first.


After this discussion, we hope our answer has satisfied the user’s question “How to migrate Onedrive from one Office 365 tenant to another?”. Users should follow the recommendations of this guide to avoid the hassles of manual migration. With the tool provided here, they can migrate entire OneDrive data quickly and efficiently.

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